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Online Shows

Our online shows were written and performed by qualified teachers and professional actors. These shows hold the same storylines as our in person shows, however, certain aspect of the audience interaction has had to be adapted as we can’t call kiddos up on stage. Nonetheless, all shows are upbeat, adventurous and full of questions for your learners to shout out and answer or dance moves for them to move along to.

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The Hands Off Show

How to stay safe and protect each other. The show includes topics such as stranger danger, the coronavirus pandemic and how to call the people we can trust. The show includes interesting props, beautiful costumes (we’ve personified the coronavirus) and interactive stories which the kiddos will love.

The Elf Explorer

Our elf has found a map, compass and magnifying glass. Join her on a creative, fun and zany adventure as she goes exploring.

The show is a fantasy that includes song, dance, music and a whole lot of audience interaction (yes, even from behind their screens).

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