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Educator Workshops

All of our workshops can be offered online or

in person!

All workshops are suited to Pre-Primary and Junior Primary School Educators. The workshops are SACE Accredited and built by Qualified Educators who have teaching experience.

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Sensory Play
  • How to implement Sensory Play correctly in your classroom

  • A Practical and interactive workshop

  • 5 CPTD Points

Social Emotional Learning
  • How to correctly and effectively incorporate Social Emotional Learning in your classroom

  • Built in conjunction with Stacy Lodes (USA) who has her Masters Degree in Multi categorical Special Education.

  • This workshop offers theoretical and practical examples of how to teach learners how to identify and process their feelings and the feelings of others.

  • 5 CPTD Points

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Motor Skills Practical Workshop
  • How to make sure your learners are physically ready and capable.

  • A highly practical and interactive workshop offering a plethora of motor skill development activities for you to use in your classroom.

  • 5 CPTD Points

Implementing Creativity
  • How to use creative methods to make your lessons more memorable and impactful.

  • Creative ways to expand on theme ideas (based off the CAPS Curriculum.)

  • The workshop teaches educators how to use creative teaching techniques to improve and enhance their lessons.

  • 5 CPTD Points

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Children Playing Bongo Drums
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Music - A Learning Tool
  • How to use music, rhythm and beat as an invaluable teaching tool in your classroom.

  • This workshop is interactive and practical, allowing educators to practice new techniques and gain confidence in using music to teach multiple subjects.

  • 5 CPTD Points

Drama Circle Activities Workshop
  • A fun, interactive and practical workshop teaching educators how to build their own weekly drama circle activities.

  • The workshop expands educators understanding of drama and of how to use drama techniques as invaluable teaching tools.

  • The workshop is run by a qualified drama teacher who is passionate about creative teaching and is bound to help you expand your knowledge and understanding of this area.

  • 5 CPTD Points

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