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Please Note

All our shows will be compliant with COVID-19 regulations.

Our Shows

Invite us to educate your kiddos in an innovative, interactive and entertaining way. All shows are approximately forty minutes long and have been written and directed by qualified teachers and professional actors.

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Under The Sea Show

A fun and interactive show which teaches kiddos about different sea creatures and the importance of keeping our oceans clean. The show includes story telling, characterisation, song and dance.

The Emotions Show

An interactive story targeting social emotional learning. The show includes song, dance, music and fun props.

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The Hands Off Show

How to stay safe and protect each other. The show includes topics such as stranger danger, the coronavirus pandemic and how to call the people we can trust. The show includes interesting props, beautiful costumes (we’ve personified the coronavirus) and interactive stories which the kiddos will love.

The Healthy Eating Show

This show is based off a set of children’s healthy eating books written by Karen Bishop. Karen’s stories take learners on a wonderful, fun and memorable journey about keeping our bodies strong and healthy. The show includes fun songs, dances, props and beautiful costumes.

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The Transport Show

Join Lee as her birthday present, her hot air balloon, floats her to different corners of the universe. Have fun with rockets in space, submarines under the sea, boats from Mauritius and taxis in South Africa. A fun-filled journey with amazing props and memorable experiences for your learners.

Our Solar System

Katie is on an adventure to discover the different planets and what they’re all about. Luckily Sunny - the space elf - is around to show her the way and teach Katie about our fun and fantastic universe.

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The Elf Explorer

Our elf has found a map, compass and magnifying glass. Join her on a creative, fun and zany adventure as she goes exploring.

The show is a fantasy that includes song, dance, music and a whole lot of audience interaction.