All of our workshops can be offered online or

in person!

Parent Workshops

All workshops are pertinent to parents of children ages 2- 10. The workshops are SACE Accredited and built by Qualified Educators who have teaching experience.

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Spark Creativity_Sensory Play Workshop 1
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Learning Through Play
  • How kiddos learn through their senses

  • A fun, practical and interactive workshop

Understanding our feelings
  • This workshop helps parents teach their kiddos how to identify, understand and process their emotions and the feelings of others.

  • Built in conjunction with Stacy Lodes (USA) who has her Masters Degree in Multi categorical Special Education.

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Spark Creativity_Motor Skills Workshop 1
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Building your child’s Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • How to make sure your kiddos are physically ready for school and life.

  • A highly practical and interactive workshop offering a plethora of fun motor skill development activities for you to use at home.

Learning through music
  • How to use music, rhythm and beat as an invaluable teaching and learning tool at home.

  • This workshop is interactive and practical, allowing parents to practice new techniques and gain confidence in using music to teach an array of different things.

Children Playing Bongo Drums
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