We are delighted to bring this creative, unique and fun workbook to you.

My Mom (Jackie) and I (Dee) are both qualified Drama teachers with a

passion for creativity. Between us we have over forty years of experience so we’ve decided to share our knowledge with you.


Over the years, numerous teachers have asked for assistance regarding their weekly drama circle activities. It was due to these requests that we

decided to put pen to paper and spark creativity far and wide.


This workbook contains twenty Drama lessons, eight Grandparent Poems and an abundance of space for you to adapt each lesson however you please.


We know that creativity is unique, which is why we recommend you use

our lessons as a guide to what will be your final drama activity. Dig deep

and find your inner creative spark so that you can give your learners

lessons that are inspired by us but made unique by you!


Be brave. We know some of our ideas may be out the box. We invite you to lean into the discomfort and learn to enjoy a new style of teaching.

After all, that’s why you’re interested in this workbook, isn’t it?

Drama Activity Handbook

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